Executive Team

Meredith Dirner



Meredith began her career with Event-Pros shortly after graduating from the University of Arizona with a degree in Business Marketing.  Initially, hired as an Administrative Assistant she supported the executive staff while learning the trade show industry.

However, her skills to develop and maintain relationships with the Event-Pros talent quickly earned her a position as Talent Director where she worked closely with our Regional Directors and nation-wide talent.

But, Meredith's ambition did not stop there. Her ability to identify and meet the needs of both clients and associates earned her another promotion this time to Director of Operations in 2005,  followed by President, and eventually landing in her current role as an Owner.

Along with Jacki, Meredith is part of the new driving force behind Event-Pros and key to our client's success.

Jacki DiCamillo


With over 15 years of working trade show, special event and corporate events for several companies, Jacki has worked in every capacity from product specialist, facilitator, demonstrator, narrator, manager to translator at various shows around the world. Her professionalism and attention to detail has garnered the respect of numerous clients who now request Jacki personally. Jacki's special skills/talents include professional singing/entertaining as well as her fluency in other languages such as Italian and Spanish.

Her sales ability has also earned her the respect of many clients. Having become an Account Executive in 2010, Jacki has assisted at events in many cases as "additional staff" where she was responsible for negotiating deals and selling product. Her vast experience in the corporate environment and knowledge of event management is a great asset to the Event-Pros clients on a strategic level.

Today, Jacki has partnered with Meredith as Owner and as part of the new driving force behind Event-Pros.

Jess Sylvia


Account Manager & Event Coordinator

Over the last decade, event marketing has become one of Jess's passions. While studying both Marketing and Biotechnology, she also stacked her resume with acting, public speaking, and theater projects. As she has excelled in the event marketing field from brand ambassador to team lead, product specialist to presenter, and event manager to talent coordinator, Jess has striven to maintain an excellent reputation with both her clients and her colleagues.

She has worked over 100 trade shows, varying from medical technology and engineering to action sports and video games. Jess was on the auto show circuit from 2010-2016, where she quickly rose to be one of the top leading team members. Her skills in organization, multi-tasking, computer technology, and client management make her transition into the role of Talent Coordinator a seamless one.


Emily Moser


Event & Communications Coordinator

Emily was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, where she currently resides. She has a B.A. in Communication from University of California, Santa Barbara. While her studies in Communication have provided her with a strong foundation of interpersonal communication skills, it is through her experience in a variety of roles and industries that she has gained the most knowledge. She is an upbeat, educated and confident team player who truly enjoys working with others.

She has had the opportunity to work numerous events as both a company representative and event manager, which has contributed to her ability to succeed in the trade show and events industry. She is determined to provide top service while continually learning and growing in her current role and professional career.

Emily is passionate about victim advocacy and violence intervention and prevention, which she has been involved in for the past four years. She has taught self-defense classes throughout the Los Angeles area and has spoken about sexual violence issues on several television programs. She is outgoing, friendly and loves traveling and meeting new people. When she isn't working as the Event and Communication Coordinator for Event-Pros, you can find her planning her next adventure or trotting the globe with her backpack. 


Kim Balance


Account Manager & Event Coordinator

With a degree in Fashion Marketing from Eastern Kentucky University, Kim set her sights on the rapidly evolving field of Retail Management. After 8 years of specialty management experience and customer service, Kim developed a new passion for consumer marketing. Having interacted with thousands of consumers in a buyers atmosphere, it was an seamless transition into the world of experiential marketing.

Having a unique understanding of consumer-brand interactions, Kim has consulted with high level executives, brand teams, and marketing professionals to help grow their national brands from the ground level. To acquire a unique and fundamental understanding of successful one to one marketing, Kim has worked in multiple capacities of the field. As event staff to in-field market management, Kim has rolled up her sleeves to get the job done and has always been up for the challenge.

Kim's relationship with Event Pros began in 2012 as a trade show associate. Kim quickly displayed her high capacity and understanding of consumer marketing. Recognizing her talents Event-pros made her an Integral part of the executive team as an Event Coordinator.

When Kim is at home in Fort Lauderdale, you may find her toes in the sand... Biking, swimming, running, and healthy living are what feeds her contagious energy!


Nisha Sanjurjo


Account Manager & Event Coordinator

Nisha has been in the marketing and account management field for over 10 years. Working with clients from grassroots initiatives to large multi-million dollar programs, has given her unique skills to bring to any account. She has staffed teams as large as 220 for one convention. When in the field she's held all positions from brand ambassador, product specialist, tour manager, to agency representative. She has a Bachelors of Science in Communications with a focus in marketing. Unfortunately, Account Management Ninja was not an available title.

Nisha is a very proud mother to a beautiful daughter. She splits her year between the East Tennessee mountains and SW Florida beaches. She loves to lift weights, read, watch Game of Thrones, and will not turn down any ethnic dishes. She also owns a Cuban food truck.

Vicki Moser

Accounting Manager

Vicki originally started her career in the dental industry which spanned over 30 years. She started as a dental assistant and eventually worked her way up to both Office Manager and Accounting Manager. In these positions she simultaneously managed teams and oversaw the finances for multiple dental practices. Her extensive experience and acquired skill-set in both management and accounting make her an invaluable asset to both the Event-Pros and Accent Teams.

Her skill-set coupled with her creative, outgoing and personable demeanor, allowed for a seamless transition into not only her role as the Accounting Manager, but, the trade show and event industry as a whole.

Vicki enjoys hiking all over the Los Angeles area, attending a variety of shows and events with her friends, dabbling in all forms of arts and crafts, and spending time with her family.